The Handbook of C-Arm Fluoroscopy-Guided Spinal Injections


Linda Hong Wang M.D. Ph.D : Mayo Clinic , Rochester, Minnesota . USA .

Editorial : Informa Healthcare
ISBN: 978-0849322549
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Product Description

C-arm-guided spinal injections have been performed widely for diagnostic and management of spine and para-spinal related pain disorders. This handbook illustrates spinal injections in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion and presents fluoroscopy-imaging and related spinal anatomy for medical professionals who may not have had formal training in radiography and related anatomy of the vertebral column. It is simply written and offers advanced intervention techniques illustrated by patient position, c-arm fluoroscopy position, preferred fluoroscopic images, and placement of needle tip. It also includes correct and incorrect needle placements from different views of the spine.


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