Bonica’s Management of Pain




Jane C. Ballantyne

Scott M. Fishman

James P. Rathmell

Editores: Wolters Kluwer
ISBN:  978-1496349033
Edición: 2018
Idioma: Ingles
 21.8 x 7.6 x 28.2 cm
Peso: 10.2 pounds
Encuadernación: Hardware
Nº de Páginas : 1896

This exhaustively comprehensive edition of the classic Bonica’s Management of Pain, first published 65 years ago, expertly combines the scientific underpinnings of pain with clinical management. Completely revised, it discusses a wide variety of pain conditions—including neuropathic pain, pain due to cancer, and acute pain situations—for adults as well as children. An international group of the foremost experts provides comprehensive, current, clinically oriented coverage of the entire field. The contributors describe contemporary clinical practice and summarize the evidence that guides clinical practice. 

  • Substantially updated with theoretical advancements and contemporary therapies that have emerged since the previous edition published over a decade ago.
  • Broad authorship by researchers and practitioners from the many disciplines that participate in pain medicine, including anesthesiology, neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, palliative care, psychology, social sciences, and more.
  • Addresses the economic, political, legal, ethical, and sociological considerations of pain; evaluation of the pain patient; pain conditions; methods for symptomatic control; and provision of pain treatment.
  • Packed with hundreds of full-color illustrations and tables. 

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