Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Spinal Techniques: Expert Consul


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Daniel H. Kim : Professor . Baylor College of Medicine . Department of Neurosurgery . Houston , Texas .

Editores :Saunders
ISBN:13: 978-0702029134
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Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Spinal Techniques, by Daniel H. Kim, MD, FACS, Kyung Hoon Kim, MD, and Yong Chul Kim, MD, helps you apply methods of spinal pain relief that involve less risk and shorter recovery times. Focusing on the broad appeal of this goal for you and your patients, this volume will help surgeons and specialists in various areas of pain management provide less invasive alternatives and faster recovery procedures for those suffering with spinal injuries. Step-by-step techniques are well-illustrated in the book and demonstrated extensively on DVD and online.

  • Get accurate, step-by-step guidance by reviewing full-color, richly illustrated descriptions of various techniques.
  • Make the most of extensive surgical videos demonstrating many of the procedures from the book on and on DVD.
  • Reduce the risk associated with invasive spinal procedures by considering new perspectives on pain management techniques that can be used by specialists from various disciplines.
  • Address the growing need for less invasive surgeries with shorter recovery times among a large and aging population with musculoskeletal problems.

You and your patients both want less invasive, less risky options for faster recovery & better outcomes





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